After Effecs Tutorials: Series 2 - Character Rigging with Puppet Pins

Part 5: Rigging Angie’s Head Turn

Published: 8 Mar 2017

Dive into creating a partial head turn for Angie. No plugins are required (except we do use the free Duik script, as you would guess if you’ve been following this series) nor do we venture into any After Effects’ 3D features. The entire process is created in the 2D environment.

What you should know before beginning this tutorial

You should have completed Parts 1 through 4 of the After Effects Series 2: Rigging With Puppet Pins.

2.5 Rigging Angie’s Head Turn

Using After Effects’ ability to animate shape layers, we’ll animate Angie’s hair to create the illusion of a head turn. Using expressions and and a few After Effect’s tricks, we’ll create a partial head turn.

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