After Effecs Tutorials: Series 2 - Character Rigging with Puppet Pins

Part 2: Rigging the Lower Body and Spine

Published: 8 Feb 2017 through 15 Feb 2017

Part 2 is in two installments: the first dealing with rigging Angie’s legs, while the second installment deals with time remapping her shoes and rigging her head-neck-torso-hips chain.

What you should know before beginning this tutorial

You should have complete Part 1 of this tutorial series.

2.2a Using Puppet Tools on Angie’s Legs

We will apply puppet pins to the legs, then use Duik to attach “bones” to them. We’ll also use Duik’s auto-rigging feature to create inverse kinematic scripts for the legs.

Video Published: 8 Feb 2017

2.2b Shoe Controls and Rigging Angie’s Spine

We’ll use time remapping and expressions to build foot controls that will allow us to change the direction of Angie’s shoes. Then we will use Duik to place inverse kinematic scripts in the head-spine chain.

Video Published: 15 Feb 2017

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