After Effecs Tutorials: Series 2 - Character Rigging with Puppet Pins

Part 1: Preparing the Angie Puppet for Rigging

Published: 1 Feb 2017 through 8 Feb 2017

Part 1 is in two installment: the first dealing with only the puppet head; the second the torso and limbs. Before you can rig Angie a lot of preparatory work must be done. Anchor points, parenting, and creating a hierarchy of compositions containing the various body parts are essential components to a successful rig.

What you should know before beginning this tutorial

You should have a general understanding of the After Effects workspace and how to create projects. Duduf’s Duik rigging script should be installed on your computer if you plan to follow along with the tutorial. I don’t spend as much time explaining basic interface shortcuts and controls as in the past series, so you should have some familiarity with creating compositions, manipulating the images in the composition panels (zoom in/out, using the space-bar to move the image around), and using the pick whip.

2.1a Preparing Angie’s head

The head is the most complex part of Angie and so it takes awhile to get it ready to add expressions controls and controllers to manipulate the varies components of the face.

Video Published: 1 Feb 2017

2.1b Preparing Angie’s torso and limbs

Originally I was going to title this installment “Preparing Angie’s body,” but it sounded like a tutorial for a mortician. Our job is to bring Angie to life, not bury her. This installment is the final step before we actually start rigging her.

Video Published: 8 Feb 2017

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