After Effecs Tutorials: Series 2 - Character Rigging with Puppet Pins

After Effects Series 2 Directory:
Character Rigging With Puppet Pins

Published: 21 Jan 2017 through 5 Mar 2017

What this tutorial series covers

Screen shot from video showing of AngieThis series covers character rigging using some of the same techniques in the previous series, including the use of Duik to speed up the rigging process and add inverse kinematics scrips. The puppet Angie, by nature of its design, will be more complex. First, we’ll be applying After Effect’s puppet tools in combination with anchor pin rotations on the limbs. We’ll use expressions with expression controls to rig the facial features, as well as allow us to add features to the puppet beyond the scope of Duik. As a final touch, we’ll learn a way to create a partial head turn to make Angie a bit more dynamic.

No third party plugins, except the free rigging script Duik, are needed for this series. This series is  in 5 parts (8 installments) which run a little over four hours.

A video is available showing all of Angie’s abilities here.

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