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After Effects Series 1 Directory:
Basic Character Rigging

Series Published: 2016 | This Page Updated: 3 Nov 2016

What this tutorial series covers

This series covers body character rigging (not faces) using Duduf’s free script called Duik. It also covers writing expressions, creating expression controls, and using time remapping compositions to create switch layers. I created this series for people new to After Effects. If you’re familiar with the program, but new to rigging characters, you will probably find the content useful as well. However, I do cover a lot of After Effects basic interface information in the videos as I discuss rigging, so the tutorials may move a little slow for experienced users.

This series is composed of 5 parts. Some of the parts contain more than one installment, to keep each tutorial to a reasonable length, for a total of 13 installments.

The video below shows the final product we’ll be producing in this tutorial series.

Video Published: 14 Oct 2016 | Update: 15 July 2017

Links to all videos in this series

1.1 Introducing donQmedia’s Stickman

1.2 Why & How to Find, Download, & Install Duik

1.3 Auto-Rigging Stickman

1.3a Understanding How After Effects Deals with Character Files

1.3b Auto Rigging with Duduf’s Duik Script and Don Q’s Stickman

1.3c A Closer Look at the Duik-Stickman Rig

1.4 Going Beyond Basic Auto Rigging

1.4a Prepare Stickman 2.0 for Rigging

1.4b Duik, Expressions, Time Remapping

1.5 Animation Stickman 2.0

1.5a Introduction & Preparation

1.5b Animate Arms Behind Back

1.5c Animating a Turn

1.5d Animating a Step Out

1.5e Animating a Walk Cycle

1.5f Time Remapping to Bring it Together

Part 1.5 was originally conceived as one or two tutorials to be placed in part 4, believe it or not, but it kept growing as I felt the need to explain some concepts with cutaway videos.  The Basic Character set of tutorials are aimed at people new to After Effects and computer puppet animation.

*Don Q Media  and Jared Mark Graham have no affiliation with Adobe Systems Inc.