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So…, what private information do I collect?

Wire tap comic

Two kids are talking using a tin-can string phone while an NSA agent is hiding behind a tree listening to their conversation through a third tin can. One of the kids says, “I thinnk the NSA is listening to our phone call again.”

Just Serving Cookies

As with almost all websites, donQmedia places cookies (small files) on your computer to improve functionality and your viewing experience. No personal information is gathered by this website unless you fill out the contact form to make a comment or ask a question. In that case, an email address and name (or pseudonym) is collected as well as the IP address of the computer you used to send the message. Your email address and the IP address stay private. They are not given to any third party for any reason (other than a legal warrant, but let’s hope it never comes to that). If I use your email address, it will only be to reply to your message.