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Welcome to my world

Rotoscoping setup for using live action as a reference and adding certain special effects.

Rotoscoping setup (click photo for more).

A jury-rigged animation setup using acetate cels and a Bolex 16mm camera back in the days when even a short animated film could be a significant financial investment.

A jury-rigged animation setup.

I did some stop-motion work using clay characters.

Stop-motion clay characters.

I used wire, brass tubes, and swivels (the kind used to hold pens in banks and offices) to create this armature which was used for the frog in the previous photograph. The pelvis and shoulder sections were made with Fimo clay.

Stop-motion puppet armature.

Don Q Media is the name I’ve given to my one-man creative studio. My film degree was earned more than thirty years ago when home computers were the stuff of science fiction and 16mm film was the medium of independent filmmakers. The photographs on this page are from that period of my life. Back then, producing even short films with modest goals was expensive, and finding a venue to show your work could be a formidable obstacle.

I believe the 1980s was also about the time I read an interview given by Kurt Vonnegut, where he talked about making a living writing short stories for magazines. He pointed out the huge decline of available publications for short stories, and how difficult it was for new authors to be published. As demand for short stories dropped radically, competition became fierce with the prized sale often going to the established author.

Then along came computers and the internet. Technology has provided opportunities for millions of people to express themselves creatively (for better or worse) through videos and self-publishing. YouTube and Vimeo have allowed anyone with a computer to show their work to a world-wide audience, while self-publishing and ebooks have opened similar doors to authors. Indeed, while most pursue these interests as an avocation or a lark, there are some making a living at it.

As for me, I hope you find something useful or entertaining here (and maybe buy my book). While a website like this can easily drown in the sea of websites that is the internet, I will work at keeping this site afloat despite the odds. There would be more regret in failing to take a chance, than taking a chance and failing.