FCC Kills Net Neutrality, Now What?

FCC kills net neutrality, now what?

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As expected, even though extremely unpopular1, the FCC voted to end net neutrality. As I mentioned in my last article, Net neutrality bait and switch?, lawsuits are already in the making. I’ve decided to donate to Free Press (freepress.net), a longtime champion for a free press and open internet. It is a non-partisan organization, which is important as this is a non-partisan issue. Free Press stated in an article today:

Free Press will take the FCC to court to challenge its reversal on the proper definition of broadband, the accuracy of its contentious justifications for tossing out the rules, and the many process fouls that have plagued the FCC proceeding since it began earlier this year.

What happens with the practice of a free and open internet can literally change how we receive and communicate ideas, as well as who has a voice in FCC Chairman Pai’s new internet.


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1Tech Dirt, has published many articles on the subject of net neutrality and how the FCC’s new rules are going to affect the internet. As Kari Bode put in in her article Leaked email shows even the FCC’s own CTO thinks gutting net neutrality harms the public (original links in quote open in new page):

So by now we’ve pointed out how 200 engineers, internet legends, nearly 1000 startups, countless internet companies30 small ISPs, and millions of American consumers have told the FCC its plan to repeal net neutrality is extreme and will harm competition, innovation, and the health of the internet.

2Image by freepress.net; covered by a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.