Update List Will Be Added To News & Articles Menu

Update list will be added to News & Articles menu

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Time can make information irrelevant, especially when dealing with technology. For example, while trying to find a solution to a computer problem on the internet you land on a page that is six years old. While, in some cases, what is proposed as a solution may be true for the old system, it’s relevance to your new operation system may make its suggestions unhelpful.

This can also be observed with software help, especially in cases where various versions of a program are still in use. The change in how Premiere Pro CC 2017 handles titles is a good example. While Adobe does include a legacy option so you can continue to work with titles and graphics the old way (which is great if you were in the middle of a project at the time of the transition as I was), it can be assumed the new method will eventually phase the legacy choice out making a lot of tutorials irrelevant to users of the newest version.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to add an update page which will soon be found in a dropdown menu under the News & Articles menu at the top of every page. Also, there will be a short list of the newest updates to the website in the sidebars found on the website news and articles pages. These updates will not only list the newest content, but also newest updates of older content. For example, I updated the entire Part 2: Why & How to Find, Download, & Install Duk page recently, including remaking the video, because the information on it had become grossly inaccurate over just a few months.

To help you further with this issue, I’m going to go back to each tutorial and make sure there is a date of publication at the top of the page, as well as adding revision dates when I update the content. After all, while some things may remain consistent, I doubt I’ll be building puppets using the same methods I’m using today five years from now.