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Robot 042 Still ImageAnimated Gif Of Robot Retracting Its Arms.

Zero-Forty-Two is under construction, and will probably be the star of the first few tutorials in my new series. Hover over the image (tap if on mobile) to see the animation.

My new tutorial series, Solving Rigging Problems with Masks, Pins, and Expressions, will be a collection of demonstration videos as opposed to a series about a single hands-on project. Although some of the videos will deal with a common character, the focus will be on how I solved specific problems I encountered while rigging my puppets. It is my hope that you find some useful information that you can incorporate into your own designs.

Because of its nature, this series can be viewed in any order, and will be added to sporadically. Additions, of course, will be announced in the News & Articles section of the website.

My first video is about rigging a retractable robot arm using multiple arm segments and expressions to allow the arm to retract and extend. One of the goals I had was to construct an expression that could be used universally for every arm segment. This saved a lot of work because I didn’t have to change the parameters of every expression in each arm segment’s position property.

The arms are built within a pre-composition, which allows puppet pins, with the help of Duik, to apply inverse kinematics to the bending of the arm. Unfortunately, the arm retraction ability created its own set of problems for this normally simple rigging technique.