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17 September 2016

Iam pondering about adding a WordPress driven news section to this website. Not only would that make adding casual content and archiving easier, but allow for comments and questions in more of a conversational format. I'll be making that decision in a couple of weeks.


As you know, if you've been waiting for the final video in the Basic Character Rigging Series 1, my optimism assumed a single video would do the trick. Looking back that was a laughable plan and I should have known better. After all, this series is aimed a beginners to After Effects, and so I try to add interface help as well. I know how overwhelmed I was when I first gazed on the massive workspace. There's a lot to learn if you want to use the program effectively, and that adds to the running time. So I split that last video into two parts, the first part ending up being a little over an hour (too much?). The second looks like it's going to be at least match that. Although I was hoping for a Monday (19 Sept.)  release of Part 2, which would finish the series, it will most likely be beyond that. I've officially set its release to Thursday, 22 Sept.




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The next series will remain focused on simple puppets, but we'll add a face.  This would include switch layers so speech can be sync to the mouth (without the use of a plugin). I'm still deciding on whether to use Stickman's head or a new puppet.

Basic Character Rigging Series 1 almost finished

7 September 2016

All there is left to do to complete my first character rigging series is to produce the final video about basic animation techniques to use with the Stickman 2.0 rig. Now that the website redesign is completed, I can focus on finishing the series 1 in the next week or so (which usually turns out to be the " or so" part; bear with me, please).


Now that we have a basic character body rigged, the next step will be rigging a face. Although I was planning to introduce a new puppet for the next series, I might stay with Stickman one more round so we can give him a face. If I do, the process would involve rigging only a head, then transplanting it to  the Stickman 2.0 rig. Feeling a little like Dr. Frankenstein yet?


I'll let you know in a week or so (there's that "or so" part again).




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In the final tutorial of seres 1, we'll work with a basic walk cycle, as well as turning Stickman 2.0's body from front to the side and putting his arms behind his back.