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After the crash and burn

Jared Mark Graham | 20 august 2016

After almost a decade of working with WordPress I experience my first catastrophe. Whether it be the theme update or the simultaneous WordPress update, the format of my site collapsed into a heap of ugly. I was going to change themes anyway, and so over the last few days I’ve gotten it up and running. It’s not perfect, and there are probably remnants of the old theme laying in wait to surprise you with a page that looks like it was designed by a three year old, but at least I’m back on line. I ask for your patience as I reconstruct what was – but only with improvements.

I haven’t replace the news posts yet (except the latest), and the glossary is a mess. Over the next week I’ll repair that damage as well, then move on to polish the parts of the site that were rushed to get it back online.


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Computer blows up in user's face.
When good computers go bad.

Comments or Questions?

I will be setting up a way to comment or ask questions soon. Currently, my priority is to get the site back up 100%.